Wilhelm show me the Major Label

Wilhelm show me the Wilhelmine

That’s the Mixtape for the first “Wilhelmine show me the Microphone”. A festival that focuses on a feministic approach to art and music.


1. Supernachmittag – Bhagdad
2. Kevin Blechdom – Always Frank
3. Schwestern Brüll – Aerobic to my Heart
4. The Mean Machine – I need you
5. Lady Lynch -Night
6. Stockholm – Zombies in the Subway
7. Jolly Goods – Fuck
8. Maiden Monsters – Pay for me
9. Upperclass Shoplifters – Hardcore
10. Killamarillah – I want your Love
11. Sawoff Shotgun – Lip my Stockings
12. Sex Jams – Tribute to O. Wilde

Curated by Lina Gärtner & Theresa Adamski
Artwork: Eva Hinteregger

released 04.04.2009


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