Wilhelm show me the Major Label


1. Stephan
2. D.I.S.K.O Animator
3. Spaceshipping
4. R.D. Anderson
5. Metalikka
6. Mai Chi

all tracks written, recorded, arranged and produced by: le tamtam
all tracks developed in: graz/2008-2009
le tamtam are:
alfred schwarzbauer (andreas perner)
ma_riot (mario rampitsch) vocals

r.d. anderson by: fiago (www.fiago.net) bass guitar
stephan by: stefan pratter

artwork by: ma_riot (www.engarde.at)
all tracks mastered by: dominik de leon @ audiosenses studios, limburg, germany (www.audio-senses.com)

released 08 May 2009


Dieser Eintrag wurde veröffentlicht am Mai 8, 2009 von in Cassettes und getaggt mit .
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