Wilhelm show me the Major Label

No=Fi / Wilhelm

2 great Cassette-Labels team-up: a cooperation with No=Fi Recordings from Rome.

1. Movie Star Junkies – John the Revelator
2. Hello Sunshine – Taxes for Texas
3. Hiroshima Rocks Around – Der Kanaro
4. Maximillian I – Capolavoru
5. In Zaire – Live @ Fluc
6. Lady Lynch – Nothing is ever lost or can be lost my science friend
7. Goldsoundz – People won’t change
8. Black Fox Dance – Imaginary Landscape No.3
9. Upperclass Shoplifters – Schnell
10. PBOYUL – Television Series
11. Danny de Vino – Tone Bank

No=FI Recordings
„Thx to Herr Wilhelm and the Major Label he showed us… and to the bands on the NO=FI side, even if they suck. Yo!“

Hello Sunshine, Hiroshima Rocks Around, In Zaire, Maximillian I, Movie Star Junkies

Wilhelm show me the Major Label

„…even if they don’t write their songs by themselves.“
Track 6 written by Liars
Track 8 written by John Cage
Black Fox Dance, Danny de Vino, Goldsoundz, Lady Lynch, PBOYUL, Upperclass Shoplifters

released 19 July 2009



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