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Dust Covered Carpet / Telly is the Tube

1. Dust Covered Carpet – Daiting my Faintness
2. Dust Covered Carpet – Shared Anx. / Mutual Aud.
3. Dust Covered Carpet – Simple vs Cheap
4. Dust Covered Carpet – Expiring Dates
5. Dust Covered Carpet – DCC
6. Dust Covered Carpet – Frozen Ink
7. Telly is the Tube – Intro
8. Telly is the Tube – Timetime
9. Telly is the Tube – The TiT
10. Telly is the Tube – Evening Weekend
11. Telly is the Tube – City vs Mountain
12. Telly is the Tube – Ex-wedding
13. Telly is the Tube – Short Pants
14. Telly is the Tube – Db
15. Telly is the Tube – Baby
16. Telly is the Tube – Timetime Remix

Dust Covered Carpet
Volker Buchgraber (guitars, e-guitar, harmanica, xylophon, drums, trumpet, vocals)
Julia Luiki (violin, percussion, vocals) Dominik Hartl (bass, clarinet, percussion, vocals)
Katharina Pfiel (piano, accordion, clarinet, percussion, vocals)
Armin Buchgraber (drums, e-guitar, vocals)
Magdalena Adamski (cello, percussion, vocals)

all songs written by Volker Buchgraber, arrangments by Dust Covered Carpet
recorded by Volker Buchgraber in July 2010, mixed and mastered by Dino Spiluttini
in Hamburg August 2010

Telly is the Tube
is Martin Gupper

all songs written by Martin Gupper except 8
2, 4, 6, 10 recorded by Martin Riegler
1, 3, 7, 9 recorded by Martin Gupper & Christian Sundl
5, 8 recorded by Martin Gupper August 2010

released 26 February 2011



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