Wilhelm show me the Major Label

Wilhelm show me the Wilhelmine 2

That’s the Mixtape for the second „Wilhelmine show me the Microphone“. A festival that focuses on a feministic approach to art and music.

Cover wilhelmine

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1. Luise Pop – Gigolos and Dames
2. Spidersnake – Bones
3. Just Friends and Lovers – Ruling H.
4. The Dreams – Milk by myself
5. Veronika Muchitsch – Hide and Seek
6. Plaided – Let go
7. Ana Threat – Anabel
8. Carletta Sue Kay – Bonnie Parker or Elanor Roosevelt
9. No Wow – There will be a Star
10. The Sandwitches – Say Repent
11. Le Truc und die Maschine – Jamaikkka Jam
12. Trouble vs Glue – Cheesy Clubbing
13. Les Trucs – I am sizzling

Thanks to all participating artists:
Luise Pop http://www.luisepop.com
Spidersnake http://www.myspace.com/spidersnakemusic
Just Friends and Lovers http://justfriendsandlovers.muxtape.com/
The Dreams http://www.myspace.com/tropicold
Veronika Muchitsch http://veronikamuchitsch.muxtape.com/
Plaided http://www.myspace.com/plaidedmusic
Ana Threat http://www.myspace.com/anathreatxxx
Carletta Sue Kay http://www.myspace.com/carlettasuekay
No Wow http://nowow.muxtape.com/
The Sandwitches http://www.myspace.com/thesandwitches
Le Truc und die Maschine http://www.myspace.com/letrucunddiemaschine4real
Trouble vs Glue http://www.myspace.com/troublevsglue
Les Trucs http://www.lestrucs.org/

released 26.11.2011


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