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The Maybe Men

Here’s The Maybe Men’s cassette. Completely recorded on tape.


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1. Please explain, Mr. Tischberger
2. Are my kidneys still working?
3. 1202 Alarm
4. David Berman Afterworld
5. DB Resonance
6. You’re so fertile
7. Hot Run
8. Note to
9. We are the Ice People
10. Blues for your bellyache pt 1
11. Blues for your bellyache pt 2
12. Are asking for coffee
13. Start loving yourself
14. Killed by Killed by 9 V Batteries
15. Rich man’s dick
16. (Going to) Jail in Jermany
17. The Butter
18. Sell all your money!

All songs written, performed and recorded by Gregor Tischberger
Except >Note to< written and performed by Tischberger, Reiter, Wakolbinger

recorded live at BC Vienna by Kurt van der Vloedt Sound guy: Wolfram Leitner
Mixed at feedbackstudio 2, Vienna by Ollmann Mastered at ACF, New York by Ollmann

The Maybe Men right now are: Gregor Tischberger with Markus Reiter and Ralph Wakolbinger
Cover by Kier Fox Thank you, everybody!


released 25.04.2012



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