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Lowlands – Gorge

Songs of elusive summer freedom, un-realised failure and dreamy delirium flow effortlessly like chocolate swirl out of the soft-serve ice cream machine, shifting concentrated voices of the classic rock format.

November 30, 2018

Cryptic Commands – Farrago

Cryptic Commands are a Supergroup from Graz who neglect the concept of space and time. Their powerpop-emo-mini-powerplants feel as familiar as if they’d been around forever.

Oktober 2, 2016

Robotra – No Star

August 29, 2015

Aivery – Awry

Juni 27, 2015

Lonesome Hot Dudes / EsRAP

Mai 7, 2015

Jayden / Chresus Jist

Mai 4, 2015

Шапка (Schapka) / Just Friends and Lovers

August 29, 2014