Wilhelm show me the Major Label


Levie develop soundscapes oscillating between the deep dark void of interstellar loneliness and the delirious density of everyday life.

Januar 16, 2019

Lowlands – Gorge

Songs of elusive summer freedom, un-realised failure and dreamy delirium flow effortlessly like chocolate swirl out of the soft-serve ice cream machine, shifting concentrated voices of the classic rock format.

November 30, 2018

Death by Delirium – Pushing up the Daisies

Death and decay, dead or alive and a touch of interpersonal relationships – narratives that will never go out of fashion.

April 25, 2018

Crush – No Easy Way

CRUSH break hearts – on train rides back from your first love or in the third row of an open air gig. Bitter-sweet melodies, dissonant and unpredictable. download it here:

August 14, 2017

Robotra – Eclectic

Their unpretentious tunes are colorfully dazzling, like glass plates thrown out of a window in second floor. This has charm and above all fun.

April 16, 2017

Black Fjords

A new star is rising in Vienna’s indie scene. Erin Stewart (Luise Pop) assembled Andrej Jafarau (Good Cop) and Tristan Bath (Missing Oragans) to form BLACK FJORDS. One can easily tell … Weiterlesen

März 18, 2017

Wilhelmine show me the No No No

Wilhelmine show me the NO NO NO is a feminist zine about saying NO. It comes with a tape sampler about saying NO for all the times you don’t want … Weiterlesen

Januar 17, 2017

Red Gaze

The freshly formed four piece presents a rough and wavey, so called, Demo Tape with the potential to become one of those mega sought-after debuts everyone is buying for ridiculous … Weiterlesen

Januar 17, 2017

Cryptic Commands – Farrago

Cryptic Commands are a Supergroup from Graz who neglect the concept of space and time. Their powerpop-emo-mini-powerplants feel as familiar as if they’d been around forever.

Oktober 2, 2016

Jesus Christ Super Distortion – A Gentleman in Distress

August 4, 2016