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Rent – As cold as Sunlight

As if conjuring the harsh sounds of the elements and providing them with structure, RENT composes electronic music that perforates overwhelming noise with cathartic rhythm.

Februar 15, 2023

Hylut / Radiateur

Februar 15, 2023

Sundl II

After last year’s self-titled debut saw the holy trinity of Breton’s surrealism, X-Files nostalgia and a pounding rhythm machine, his sophomore tape frees him from the rigmarole of Goth House … Weiterlesen

Dezember 15, 2021

Anne Pedersdotter – Noising

Acoustic phenomena, originating from vibrations that travel through air (or another medium). Energy transmitted by pressure waves. Varying signals, not meaningful in themselves, attaining distinction only when being detected by … Weiterlesen

Oktober 25, 2021

Just Friends and Covers

August 4, 2021


Equipped with rhythm machines, samplers and six ice-cold, helping hands, Sundl pays respects to a century of pop culture and proves that „time“ is no parameter in the realm of … Weiterlesen

Dezember 9, 2020

Lonesome Hot Dude / Holnaplányok

Oktober 24, 2020

The Damski / Terz Nervosa

Depending on which side the tape deck chooses to play first (and it’s never the one you hoped for) this Split offers two narratives: The Damski -> Terz Nervosa takes … Weiterlesen

Oktober 25, 2019

Crystal Soda Cream – Things don’t talk

An Image of earthy shades, the drama of the daily life. Only contrasted by a metallic silver lining that turns out to be a broad white brushstroke. In similar fashion, … Weiterlesen

Juni 25, 2019

Wenn Auge Mund Wird

From dreamy sequences through poertry to Riot Grrrl Punk. Immense yourself and experience again: When Eye Becomes Mouth

Mai 9, 2019